Another concrete day. These are always long days. We hand mix with a portable mixer. Usually we rent a six cubit foot gas power mixer which we did today. On the fourth load the main bearing died and we had to swap it out for a smaller electric mixer. I did sixty loads in six... Continue Reading →

Put together this cedar stave hot tub and built the deck and stairs for a couple over the Christmas season.  Tub comes in a half dozen boxes and you have to assemble it like a barrel, which I guess it sort of is. It looks nice enough.  Has jets, a light, benches.  It reminds me... Continue Reading →

Well, ok it's not really leather but it sure looks like it.  Here is a small cottage floor we just finished redoing.  Levelled the original floor through a combination of grinding the old and pouring new top layer, then acid stained with hydrochloric acid.  After neutralizing with ammonia and left to dry it was sealed... Continue Reading →


Loss of a Friend A loss of a friend hurts The loss of a best friend hurts more, But it is never a true loss; Everyday you will see something that reminds you of them This will bring a memory; A memory of the times you spent together Followed by another; A memory of how... Continue Reading →

Big stuff

Now that the rains have started it sure didn't take long for the forest to wake up.  These Shaggy Mane mushrooms popped up in the lawn pretty much overnight, and they are HUGE! Edible apparently by I'm not that bold when it comes to mushrooms.  Too many imposters.  Seems lots of things like to grow... Continue Reading →


The leaves are starting to turn, the crab tree has dropped half of its leaves.  Autumn is definitely here.  The rains have begun a hesitant start, with a few wet days, but we still have many sunny mid-teen days in a row. We decided to pull up most of the garden today.  Nothing makes me... Continue Reading →

Back again

I am back at the deck house again, this time to enclose the water filters.  For some reason the plumber decided to install the new filters and UV light outside.  Now, we do have nice winters here but it does still freeze.  Too bad they decided to do that.  Today's task is to enclose the... Continue Reading →

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