Crunchy Boots

I guess I should not have said anything about the rain.  Today we woke up to this:

Since it looked like Christmas we decided we may as well put up the tree.  We found a great retro MidMod tinsel tree at HomeSense this year.  A real throw back to when I was 8 years old.

Soggy Boots

Wow.  I knew it would be wet here in the winter but I didn’t expect to be greeted with record rain.  The average rainfall here for Oct and November combined is 9″.  This year we saw 19″, and the bucket on my deck says maybe a bit more in my yard.

Along with the rain we have also had several windstorms.  Wind here is a little more to be concerned about than I am used to.  Being a rural location with lots of tree and an all aerial distribution we have seen more than our share of power outages.  Including last night’s, I think we are at 6 outages this fall for a total of almost 100 hours.  Needless to say, I have invested in some technology.

Speaking of trees, we haven’t had any personal bad luck yet but there was one near miss.  We left the house to go to the village store a few weeks ago and when I came back an hour later I found this in the spot I had my truck parked.

Near miss

Near miss for the truck but there was one casualty.

The makes the second barbecue I have owned that had a tree dent the lid.  What are the odds of that?



Songs in your head

Did you ever have a song that is stuck in your head?  I have had two that have been in mine for 40 years.  Not always right there on the surface but never too deep either.  The kind of tune that you find yourself humming absentmindedly.

Both of these were songs I had to learn as a kid playing the clarinet.  The first one is Fireworks Music by Handel.  More specifically Music for the Royal Fireworks Minuet 1, a great big grand sounding piece that fills every nook and corner of my skull.  I am forever humming this one.

The second one while also a clarinet memory was not a happy experience.  My mom entered me into the annual music festival one year.  Festival by name, competition in reality.  The piece we had to play that year was Air and Courante.  You will find it as Courante in E Minor by Jean-Baptiste Lully.  Not my best day.

Despite hating the day I actually grew quite fond of the melody.  I continued to play it in the following years during the odd times I picked up the clarinet again.  It’s been 20 years since I last played.  I thought it might be nice on guitar and yes indeed, it sure it.