The leaves are starting to turn, the crab tree has dropped half of its leaves.  Autumn is definitely here.  The rains have begun a hesitant start, with a few wet days, but we still have many sunny mid-teen days in a row.

We decided to pull up most of the garden today.  Nothing makes me think of October (and Hallowe’en) more than the smell of tomato plants as I pull the plants up.  Funny how smell and memory are linked.  Carrots and beets still in the ground, and a few herbs above.

I cut the grass this week too, a rare event around here.  I think I have cut it twice since May.  Now that we have had some rain I am amazed at how fast the lawn is greening up.  Even the lower edges that were totally browned off and “dead” are showing a positive return to life.

Later this week I am going to plant some more micro clover.  The first batch I planted were a disappointment with nothing growing.  There are some curious looking new things popping up downhill from where I planted them…did the seeds wash down?  I won’t know until they grow a little more.  Could be they are just weeds.

I also managed to zap the back of my hand with stinging nettle today, right though my gloves.  Grr.

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