Our Garden Update

The garden seems to be working out so far.  We have been a little concerned that it would not get enough sun but so far so good.  Everything is up and looking good with the exception of some of the tomatoes.  We could not find our usual varieties here and are trying some new ones, new to us anyway.

Our small orchard is in the same fenced area as the garden.  Not much in there yet, a couple of pears trees, a couple of hazelnuts, some rhubarb and a few Saskatoons still waiting to be planted.  I really need to get the mower in here its getting to be a jungle.

The buckets are my cheapo tree watering system.  Construction pails and a 2 gallon per hour drip nozzle.  I’ve made 20 of these so far, and could use a few more. I use them here plus all over the upper yard where we have planted mock oranges, roses, magnolias, camellia, haskaps, lavender, cherry and apple trees.  Some of these could have been in the orchard too I suppose but it has been an evolving plan, and some were planted prior to the orchard spot being decided on.

I am loving my little shelter. I knew I would.  Check out the free cement mixer!!


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