Kind of a mixed day here on Frog Rock. ¬†A nice lazy morning having coffee on the deck looking at a great forest view. There is still a little smoke hazy in the sky from the fires in the interior and it makes for some amazing light, orange on the green forest. Finally started to... Continue Reading →

More planting

We spend another day planting today and are finally close to getting all the plants we bought this spring in the ground. Another few ferns and a huckleberry and we will be done.  We are trying to find a balance between the natural forest and the urban yard.  Up by the house it is more... Continue Reading →

Fire Ban

The local fire department raised the fire rating to extreme today.  That means not only a fire ban but also a work shutdown.  Can't use power equipment with the exception of carpentry tools so most work is off limits.  We just finished planting nine trees and a couple perennials, and we are melting.  Time for... Continue Reading →


It is the summer of family visits, which is really nice. ¬†Both Kelly and my family have been stopping by. ¬†Hardly a week goes by without someone here. ¬†Earlier my youngest brother and his wife came for the day. ¬†Over the last few days my older brother and wife were here. We took the chance... Continue Reading →

Back in the Saddle Again

The sun is out and so am I, in the yard that is.  I spent the weekend and Monday putting in the driveway gate.  This is a BIG checkbox.  Kelly has plants that have been waiting many week to be planted that required the front drive to be fenced off so the deer would not... Continue Reading →

Our Garden Update

The garden seems to be working out so far. ¬†We have been a little concerned that it would not get enough sun but so far so good. ¬†Everything is up and looking good with the exception of some of the tomatoes. ¬†We could not find our usual varieties here and are trying some new ones,... Continue Reading →

All Quiet on the Western Front

Not much has happened here over the last three weeks as far as "getting things done" is concerned.  I was laid up since the beginning of June with pneumonia and spent 8 days in the hospital.  Kelly has been keeping me on a short leash since, as she should because I tend to be in... Continue Reading →

Our Garden

I took a couple days off last week from my other duties to focus on the garden. ¬†May is quickly passing and we need to get the plants in the dirt. We decided to build the same style of beds as we had in our last location, raised beds built with patio blocks. ¬†They have... Continue Reading →

Muriel’s Garden Update

I finally finished Muriel's raised beds this past weekend. ¬†We talked about two different designs for these, one made of inter-lockable stacked cedar frames she could put together and vary the heights as she pleased, and this design. The landscape tie based one is a variation of a planter she saw at one of the... Continue Reading →

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