Our Garden

I took a couple days off last week from my other duties to focus on the garden.  May is quickly passing and we need to get the plants in the dirt. We decided to build the same style of beds as we had in our last location, raised beds built with patio blocks.  They have... Continue Reading →

Muriel’s Garden Update

I finally finished Muriel's raised beds this past weekend.  We talked about two different designs for these, one made of inter-lockable stacked cedar frames she could put together and vary the heights as she pleased, and this design. The landscape tie based one is a variation of a planter she saw at one of the... Continue Reading →

No matter what you think, and how carefully you have dug, cut, and chopped, there will always be one more tree root when you are trying to dig out a stump.

I've managed to keep my hands busy for the last few weeks with a variety of projects. A couple of siding projects... ...some concrete... ...some random tree removal and plantings... ...and a few random things. This weekend weather permitting in addition to completing Muriel's garden beds we will replace the awning over the deck.  It... Continue Reading →

Spring in the air

Wow.  We drove around the island this week and man oh man are the blooms starting to appear.  The fruit trees are beginning to flower and the daffodils are everywhere.  Most of my place it still forest so not a lot of blossoms to see but I did find this little fellow. I believe this to... Continue Reading →

We usually see deer on the property every day.  For the past couple of weeks we have seen three that seem to be staying together.  Today the group has grown to five.  That's a record number for us, or at least that we have noticed. They stayed quite a while today, almost 45 minutes.  The... Continue Reading →

Garden Musical Chairs

When it came to where to build the garden our plan was to wait a year before we choose a spot.  We have a fair amount of space but most of it is heavily treed.  There is actually very little space with any good sunlight.  Since we like to grow things like tomatoes we need... Continue Reading →

I guess I should not have said anything about the rain.  Today we woke up to this: Since it looked like Christmas we decided we may as well put up the tree.  We found a great retro MidMod tinsel tree at HomeSense this year.  A real throw back to when I was 8 years old.

Soggy Boots

Wow.  I knew it would be wet here in the winter but I didn't expect to be greeted with record rain.  The average rainfall here for Oct and November combined is 9".  This year we saw 19", and the bucket on my deck says maybe a bit more in my yard. Along with the rain... Continue Reading →

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